Anna Grindle

Anna comes from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is an educator, coffee-drinker, cyclist and traveller. Recent years have brought what Anna has described as a ‘flurry of song-writing’, and Anna’s forthcoming album, The Turning, is the result. Begun as a purely creative endeavour, friends in the music world persuaded Anna that it deserved to be heard widely. It is consequently her first ‘properly available’ (physically and digitally) body of work. The Turning will be released in Autumn 2021.

Zenon Joel Otim

Zenon comes from Uganda, East Africa. In 2003, a group of friends Julius, Zenon, Simon and Trophimus were determined to present the gospel of Christ through a style of music commonly known as ‘Holy Hip Hop’. The four came together and formed the rap group Pure Souls. They recorded two albums, Doxology (2004) and Cross Reference (2006) and performed throughout Uganda, and in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Although the members of Pure Souls are now based in different countries, they remain great friends, and at times hint over social media about regrouping for a future project. Zenon Joel Otim is married to Suzan and together they have five children. Zenon and Suzan manage a charity called Home Sweet Home Uganda, based in Jinja, Uganda.

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